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New Air conditioner prices for Las Vegas Valley

Are you looking to replace your existing air conditioner system with a new AC unit?  Depending on the type of HVAC unit you have will greatly impact the air conditioner price.  Do you know what type of unit you now have?  Do you have the size of the air conditioner unit?


These two things are the most important information that you will need when trying to get starting prices to buy a new AC unit.


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Call us today to get a soft estimate on a new air conditioner unit,  I say soft because until the unit is inspected by our tech, we will not know for sure what type or size the existing unit is.  There are also a few other considerations that the tech will have to look at.  Most of the time our base price, is what you will pay.  However there is the chance, and about 1 out of 25 installs there will be something that needs to be added to meet code.  Once our tech has examined the existing unit he will be able to give you the total price to install a new air conditioner unit in your home.  This air conditioner price is the amount that you will pay, we will never come back and tell you that there is an unforeseen expense.


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We understand that you don’t want to waste time with having numerous air conditioner companies coming out to give you estimates, so that you can get the best AC prices, but at the same time you do not want to pay double the amount when you can get the same or better brand for a much better price.  This is why we will give you the base price over the phone; we can also give you the highest price that you could possibly have to pay.  The highest price includes replacing thermostat wires, transition duct work for roof mounted units, disconnect box, electrical whip, electrical breaker, copper line set for ground mounted units, stand for roof mounted units, and thermostat.  Just so you know we have never had to replace all of these extras, for the most part normally if extras are needed it is just one or two things.   But we can not know until we inspect the system that is in place.


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