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When deciding to purchase a new air conditioning system

Posted By on Jul 30, 2014 |

At sometime during the ownership of your home you will need to install a brand new AC unit.  It is inevitable that you will have to purchase a new air conditioning system sometime.  When you are at the point that you really have no choice but to buy a new air conditioning system do your research on line, so you can get the best prices on purchasing a new AC unit.


  • First thing you want to make sure that you really need to replace the old unit.  There are a few times that a small repair can get the air conditioner running for a while longer.  Always get a second opinion when told that you need to buy a new air conditioning unit.
  •  Next you should always get new AC prices from at least a couple of different licensed contractors.  Sometimes you will find a great deal on new AC units.  Most of the time you will have to call the different contractors to get the sale prices for AC systems.  The prices for buying a new AC unit normally are not listed on there websites.  Different contractors charge completely different prices for the same units,  make sure that you get the best price for a new air conditioning units that you can.


Do your research on the different brands of new AC units.  There are numerous different brands to choose from.  For example; Amana, American Standard, Ameristar, Carrier, Comfortmaker, Goodman, Rheem, Trane, and York to just name a few.  Check out all of the reviews, now you will find bad reviews on all brands, expect this.  Like cars, even the best makes and models will have a few that are not perfect.  Now when talking about brands of air conditioning units you need to understand that some brands are going to be much more expensive.  Even if you are talking to a reasonable licensed contractor, an Amana, Trane or Lennox is a much more expensive brand.  However, if you are looking at an American Standard, which is made by Trane, and has the exact same model numbers you will get a superior unit, and great prices for a new air conditioning system.  Ameristar has good air conditioning units for a great price.  York, a name I am sure you recognize, puts out a great unit and the price tag can be reasonable.


When calling to get estimates on prices for installing a brand new AC units make sure you know the size (tonnage ie; 2 ton, 4 ton) and the type of unit you are looking to replace such as is it a roof mounted unit, or ground mounted.  Also you will need to know if you have a heat pump unit.


The company should be able to figure out what type of unit you have by asking a few questions.  But they can only do a rough guess on the size of the unit.  You will need to have them come out and examine the old unit and the home to give you a hard estimate.  Check out if they have any sale prices on new AC units.


What is a hard estimate; this is an estimate that is not over the phone.  The air conditioning company really needs to inspect the old unit to make sure that they include all of the extra components that might be needed.  For example when you are replacing a roof mounted unit, they need to make sure that the existing transition duct work lines up with the new unit.  If not or if it is what those in the business call a reverse flow or over under, you will need new transition duct work.


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