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Choosing the right SEER rating

Posted By on Jun 27, 2014 |

It seems lately that SEER rating is being talked about quite a bit in the news. It seems there is some confusion about how important and helpful a high SEER unit can be..

I think it’s important to point that if you are looking to save money on utility consumption the first place that you look should not be your home heating and cooling system. You will find your money better spent elsewhere. For instance if your home does not have a radiant barrier or double insulation in the attic chances are you are losing most of your cooling through your roof.


Below is a list of projects that can help you with saving on your utility bills, before you spend the thousands on a higher SEER rating on AC units

  • Radiant barrier for attic, or double insulation in attic
  • Sealing the attic of all cracks
  • Exhaust fans in attic
  • Solar screens
  • Double pane windows


Most of us don’t think of this when we are looking at upgrading our home. In fact, even before you install solar windows or any other efficiency assisting mechanism you should consider closing up your attic from excessive heat.

AC unit SEER rating is the last upgrade you should make



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You may also want to install exhaust fans which would improve the efficiency of your unit by having the exhaust fan remove the hot air from your attic. Take it from me somebody that has crawled into the attic of a home and needed to work there for an hour or more it is extremely hot. In most cases it is 20 degrees hotter in your attic than outside. And after the sun goes down it stays hot in you attic.

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Something to consider when you are thinking about spending the money to replace your Air conditioning system.  Higher SEER rating AC units are very expensive, the money that you save yearly is around $200.00.  Yes that is right you only save $200 per year.  While the high SEER unit cost you thousands of dollars more than a standard AC unit.  A standard AC unit still meets government standards for SEER rating. 

Upgrading to SEER rating of your air conditioner will do very little to improve your overall utility consumption if you’re losing most of your cold air as it is being produced. Consider this before you upgrade your SEER rating on your new air conditioner.

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