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Buy a new air conditioner in Las Vegas

Is your AC not working again? Have you had to pay for expensive air conditioner repairs year after year?  Is you existing HVAC system just not keeping your home comfortable?  It just might be time to consider buying a new air conditioner.


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buy a new air conditioner in las vegas

If you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning system there are a few questions that you need to have answers for.


What are you looking for in an air conditioner?  What is the most important factor for you; price, reliability, warranty,  or energy efficiency.


There are a lot of different brand names  for air conditioning systems on the market.  Most manufactures have the economical line and the high end models.  The difference in prices can very greatly, with the brand, Seer rating, and the installing contractor for the AC system.


What type of air conditioner unit do you have?  Here are two questions that once you answer you can get an Idea.  Is the unit on the ground outside or on the roof?  Do you have natural gas to your property?  These two questions can give you an Idea of what type of unit you need.


You must purchase the same type of HVAC unit as the existing unit.  By that I don’t mean that you have to buy the same brand but the same type.  There are four different types.


The four different types of air conditioning systems


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straight cool ground mounted unit

Ground mounted straight cool unit- which means that you have a gas furnace somewhere in your home.

Ground mounted heat pump- this means that you do not have any natural gas to the property and you have a air handler somewhere in your house.

Gas pack roof mounted- This system has both the AC and furnace in one unit

Heat pump package unit roof mounted- This system has both the heat pump and air handler in one unit, and normally means you have no natural gas to property.

What size air conditioner unit do you currently have


If you can find the model number on the existing unit most companies can tell you what size the unit is.  However if it is on your roof or missing they can give you a rough idea by the square footage, age, and height of the ceilings.


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Gas pack ac roofmounted unit

If you call today we can give you a rough estimate over the phone

We are happy to give rough estimates over the phone, but a hard set in stone price will be given when an AC tech has inspected the existing unit.  This is because,  first we need to make sure the type and size of the existing air conditioner, also we don’t charge you for things you don’t need.  We know that in today’s economy that most of us are watching our pennies.  So we do not automatically assume that you will have to have transition duct work, new disconnect box, new stand.  Most of the time, we have found that these extras are not needed.  There are a few older homes that there is no choice but to replace these, but our tech will evaluate this when they inspect the existing unit.


Call us today to get a soft estimate and to schedule and inspection of the existing air conditioning  unit to get the total price of install.  Once we give you the total price of installing a new AC, that quote is what you will pay.  There is never an added charge before we will finish.