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AC repair estimates

Posted By on Jun 30, 2014 |

Giving a price over the phone to repair an air conditioner is not always as cut and dry as you might think. Too often the diagnosis in finding what is really wrong is not obvious. A series of tests will need to be run to make sure that if a repair is needed it is the right part and component that is being worked on.

Just recently we received a phone call from somebody looking for a price to install a new TXV valve. As it turns out another contractor had come out and giving them a bid to repair their AC and said it was in fact the valve that was not working properly. When we got there we found a different assessment.

There are numerous components that have to work for the different phases of an air conditioner repair

  • If you are getting hot air blowing through your vents- There could be up to 5 different parts that are not working correctly.
  • If you are getting no air through your vents- It could be up to 4 different parts that are out.
  • If you are getting cold air through your vents but it is not cooling your house down, this could be 3 or four different problems.



Dirty coils can cause the need for AC repairs TNA Heating and Cooling 702-259-0990

avoid AC repairs by keeping coils clean

Situations like this are fairly common. One symptom could mean several different problems. If one component has a reading that is below standard it might be easy for an air conditioning repair technician to jump to conclusions and site the wrong component for the problem. Let’s face it no one’s perfect. As it turns out most of the time we can get it right the first time. But that does not mean we get it right every time.

3 year warranty on all AC repair done by us

Today if we work on your air conditioner and make any AC repair we will guarantee that your air conditioner will continue to run for the next 3 years or we will replace the component that we worked on again. No, we cannot warranty the entire air conditioner but at least you’ll never get stuck with the same repair twice. Most companies would never offer such a guarantee. Most of them offer only 90 days on AC repairs. Others offer up to a year.